Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Thoughts

Just came up for air from a long but exciting Holy Week. Started with a Thursday night family communion time, followed by a Good Friday night viewing of The Passion of the Christ. We bring in a giant screen and open it up to anyone who wants to come. Though attendance is never what I hope it might be, it is a powerful night. This Friday the film ran while a big storm was happening outside, so you were never quite sure if the thunder was part of the film or not!

Sunday was a long day, but good. I guess I'll never fully understand the Christmas/Easter phenomenon of people coming to church in droves on those two holidays. Is there an assumption that they're "covered?" Is there some deep-down hope that lightning will strike and suddenly God will be a legitimate presence in their lives (he already is...just not acknowledged.) Or, is there some mystical, unexplainable magnetic pull about a resurrected Savior that none of us can fully escape, particularly those who have no time or interest for the things of God the other 51 weeks and 6 days of the year? It's just a question.

The story of hope that permeates the Easter event is the foundation upon which millions of Christians have rested for centuries. Has there ever been a time when that message of hope hasn't been more needed?

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