Saturday, December 10, 2005

Narnia Mania

I confess. I'm one of the countless who have anticipated this new film for many years. Not only because I'm a fan of Lewis and loved Wardrobe in particular as a kid. But this film and others can get God in the conversation. Sure, you can watch the film and just enjoy it without the religious themes - if you don't know the themes are there, you probably wouldn't notice. But the opportunity to talk to others who have seen the film and draw parallels is golden.

Blessed by a snow day that cancelled school, we hauled the kids to the metroplex on opening day (we stopped by Wachovia and took out a loan...I told the clerk I was taking the family to the movies...she just shook her head and approved the loan papers). I expected a big crowd for the first showing, but there were only about 20 of us there at the time. I was not disappointed in the film. The kids gave it a thumbs up, too.

I've read lots of reviews. I need to stop reading reviews! One in particular ripped on the character development and the overuse of CGI. Not sure the characters needed any more development (unless we wanted a drawn out, 5 hour movie). As for CGI, it seemed well done and balanced to me. One of the ONLY reasons this film could ever be made was the development of special effects to make it work. Without them, we may never have seen this hit the big screen. For me, it was enjoyable, and a terrific time to share with the kids.

Oh, Terry Mattingly, sort of a media in culture watcher, has a good article regarding the movie; you can read it at

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