Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scathing Article

Wow. Here's a scathing article about mega-churches to follow up with my thoughts from the other day. Difference here is this guy (I think) is definitely a non-believer. In fact, I think he's scared of those who are! Anyway, interesting read that continues to give insight that the world is watching, and they don't always like what they see as it relates to the church. There is much here to disagree about, some that makes sense, and a lot that makes you go "hmmmmm". The article is titled "Huge Crowds, Rabid Devotees & Mick Jagger Nowhere To Be Seen." He has some interesting links, particularly the one to Forbes article (see pastor-CEO-huckster-salesman). To say the guy has issues is an understatement. I'll even avoid any references to the obvious facts that he writes on the "left" coast (I only mention since he openly bashes the "right"), and for a San Francisco paper (whatever that means...just an observation). Enjoy...I think...

PS - I've said a lot lately about "mega-churches" and such; it isn't my intent to talk only about that topic, it just keeps popping up! Oh, and after reading this guy, I'm going to try to be a lot less scathing. I don't want to come off sounding anything like him (a kinder, gentler me).

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