Thursday, February 24, 2005

hope for us all

What an interesting headline...

"Brian 'Head' Welch Leaves Korn, Citing Moral Objections To Band's Music."

OK, so I was hooked. Seems that through some miraculous set of circumstances, the band's lead guitarist and one of its founding members has converted to Christianity. As one of my friends so eloquently pointed out, "Good for him!"

I agree. And good for us all. If there's hope promised for Brian Welch (and a host of other folks out there just like him), then guess what? There's hope for that person in our lives we just assumed was hopeless. That could never be reached. The object of lots of prayers that never seemed to get through. My hunch is, somebody in Brian's life was praying that God would intervene.

Just how far has Brian come? Pretty much full circle. For instance, once in the recording studio, Korn had a woman tied up with ropes, and for fun would whip her and shock her with a taser. Profanity and drugs were prevelent, as was an open fascination with pornography. Their songs were about such pleasant topics as suicide, killing their family, and choking women to death. Nice guys. I intended on quoting some lyrics, but couldn't find any that weren't laced with f-words and the like.

But Brian has found a way out. That's good news for us all. God is, after all, "patient...not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance ." (2 Peter 3:9)

Read the article about Brian Welch here...

Another article you need to check out, which highlights Welch in a CA church....

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