Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Is Blogging Better Than Dieting?

So this is it. I'm officially typing my first blog.

I wish I had a nickel for everything I've started in life but never completed. Habits I tried to start (or stop) that never materialized. Diets I've begun only to come crashing to a halt at the first give-in to chocolate, or some sort of fried something.

I guess that's what makes this part of the fun...the notion that starting something new might just stick. That what I have to offer, say, or muse might actually be interesting. That others might stumble across my thoughts and be stirred in some way ("hmmmm," "this guy is a waste of valuable blog space," "Nobel prize in blogging for him," etc).

The beauty of not following through on pursuits we begin is that there is many times a second chance. Sort of like when you fall off that bike for the first time the training wheels are removed, you can climb right back on. Second chances.

I live for them...second chances, that is. As a chronic rollercoaster dieter, exerciser, reader, prayer, or whatever, I know all about second chances. The folly is to miss them entirely. To assume that one slip off the bike is the end, that one missed workout equates to throwing in the towel, that one high-calorie meal which roadblocks all the hard work you've done to drop those extra lbs (you get the picture), its not the end! No need to follow one blunder with another - the blunder of missing the second chance.

God gives second chances, too...aren't you glad?

I'm not sure the symbolism to this, but it occurs to me that setting up my first ever blog has already brought a glaring mistake to the forefront. I thought I would call this "Thoughts about life." I apparently typed (as I now see clearly) "Thoughts about live." Who knows, maybe I'll just keep it that way. Hopefully, that will give me reason to come back and keep feeding the blog with thoughts. One day, I may change the title.

OK, so on day 2, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I changed the title completely. Hope you're happy! (added 1-26)

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